Teleworking kit - the right responses from an informed IS department 

1 in 5 employees are currently teleworking full-time in France,

50% of domain names created since December related to the topic of Covid-19 or coronavirus may cause the introduction of malware, and 


9.1 Terabits per second is the bandwidth consumption recorded by DE-CIX, the world’s largest internet exchange, located in Frankfurt.


What all this means is: teleworking is effective and vital for the agility and even the survival of an organisation. But for it to work, the network is an essential infrastructural component, as well as an asset which must be kept secure, since employees are no longer able to look after it themselves.


What ingredients are needed for an employee to be productive while teleworking?


And above all, how should an IS department respond to these needs?


In this kit, discover the 7 needs of an effective teleworker, and the right responses from an informed IS department!  


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